About Me

I started out as an entrepreneur.

I was still in school when I started my first venture. It was a small business flipping office IT equipment. I needed the money because I was going to get married.

What I quickly learned is that finding the customers who care as much about buying the solution, as you are passionate about selling it, is hard. You're mostly left to navigate a vast ocean of more or less interested buyers, who may or may not care about buying specifically from you. Finding your ideal customer and aligning the value that you provide with their needs – as well as communicating it effectively – is an art form.

Propelled forward by my past challenges I set out to explore how to make a business succeed. I wanted to find out how you can find and connect those prospects that already believe in what you do and who are ready jump on board with your product or service. Preaching to the choir is easy, but first you have to find the choir.

What I learned is that having access to data alone is not enough, because raw data is well... raw. It's figuring out how to interpret that data and what to do with it – how to put it to use – that really takes your digital marketing to the next level.

In digital marketing the key is to find where your ideal audience likes to hang out online. When you can use data (and a little bit of creativity) to find what they like and how they like it, you've already done the hardest part. After that you build a marketing strategy that effectively communicates to them why you are a perfect match for them, why what you're selling is exactly what they're looking for.

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