Are You Building A Culture Of Flexibility And Performance In Your Marketing Team?

I started working when I was 17. My first job was at my start-up. It was tough juggling school and work but when you're 17 you really don't need to sleep much. Or so I thought, until one day my Physics professor asked me to visit his office after class. I wasn't sure what I had done but being called to a teacher's office never meant anything good. 😰 It turned that looking at the ever darkening bags under my eyes he had arrived at the only logical conclusion - drugs. Being an awesome teacher he had decided to organise an informal intervention. I think everyone was relieved after learning the truth. 🤣 (more…)

By Aliyar, ago
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What Apple’s Decision To Replace Bing With Google Search Means For Search Engine Marketing

I just want to get this out there: I got super psyched when I found out that Apple will start using Google as its search engine for Siri instead of Bing. As an android user, using voice search on an Apple device with Bing has been a bummer. This decision is a great move from Apple. Now Apple can provide a consistent search experience to its users across mobile and desktop devices. According to Google voice search already accounts for 20% of searches and that number is rising. After this move by Apple, you may have to rethink your search strategy - Organic and Paid Search. (more…)

By Aliyar, ago