B2B marketing needs getting back to basics1 min read

Build relationships and establish your status as an expert.

Jillian Ryan from eMarketer shared these eight invaluable solutions built off the back of their 2020 B2B marketing report.

Here are the one’s I’ll be taking to my clients: 

  1. B2B events may not be back in full swing until 2021. You need to actively embrace virtual interactions in thoughtful and interactive ways.
  2. Budgets are reduced. Be more vocal but also spend smarter. Run your campaigns in sprints with regular performance evaluations and recalibration.
  3. Businesses need to speed up recovery. And if your products can deliver that, now’s is the time to be social about it. Speak up and help your customers invest in the right solutions.
  4. COVID made the vulnerabilities in your supply chain stand out like a sore thumb. Work with your sales and logistics teams to find ways where marketing can help improve customer experience.
  5. Spoil your existing customers. This one rule hasn’t let me down so far. Your job as an expert is to make your customer wildly successful at their job. Have you been doing that lately? How can you improve?

It’s time to stop chasing top-of-the-funnel volume and start using account-based marketing to lend a hand and deliver your expertise where it’s needed the most.