Introduction to OKRs – Objectives & Key Results

Since you’re here I’m sure you’ve already heard (or read) about how LinkedIn, Intel, YouTube, Bill & Melinda Gates and perhaps most notably Google have used OKRs to achieve exponential growth.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Drucker

Beyond delivering growth OKRs has also given them to tools to build a remarkable organisational culture that nourishes performance, collaboration and accountability.

In this article I’ll introduce the OKR management methodology, give examples of good vs bad OKRs and share advice on how you can get started with OKRs.

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My Favourite Quotes from Measure What Matters

Objectives and Key Results is a management methodology may have been popularised by the explosive growth stories of Silicon Valley startups but today more and more organisations are using it to improve performance and reach their Wildly Important Goals.

If you’re interested in exploring performance management built on a culture of collaboration and accountability then there’s no better place to start than John Doerr’s Measure What Matter. It’s an invaluable resource filled with practical advice and case studies to help you better understand and implement OKRs.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book.

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3 Most Important Questions Every Leader Should Ask Their Strategy Team

Successful businesses are good at doing two things better than the rest.

  1. They’re good at creating value.
  2. They’re good at capturing value created by others.

The best among them are good at doing both simultaneously and consistently. True power lies in knowing what you’re good at right now and where you need to improve.

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Self Reflection is Key to Better Goal Setting

Proper goal setting is the life force of a successful business. You can evaluate an organisation’s culture by how it sets goals and rallies people to accomplish them.

Goal setting isn’t an exact science. Aim too low or too high and you end up wasting resources and killing motivation. Getting better at goal setting is a journey and you’re more likely to succeed by improving the way you set goals.

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Common Biases & Behaviours that can Derail your Strategy

I think of myself as an objective and rational person.

In reality like most people I’m biased.

Having biases is human. No one is above that.

Acknowledging and correcting them is also human.

It’s this act that makes us better people and better leaders.

Here are several ways in which your biases can influences your strategies.

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Google Search: Mobile-first Indexing

(Last updated June 2019)

I love websites that load almost instantly, don’t you?

I’m so thankful to web developers who build websites that are intuitively easy to navigate on mobile devices, and above all, I’m grateful to Google for giving us that nudge we needed to get cracking.

This article is all about mobile-first indexing and bringing you up to speed with making the most out of living in a mobile-first world.

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