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5 reasons why data is important for your business

Data is everywhere and data is everything. If you aren’t leveraging the data your business is collecting today you’re not giving your business the best environment to grow.

The smart business today wields data wisely to create a long-term competitive advantage, not just better short-term profits.

Use this morning’s sales data to inform this afternoon’s marketing decisions. Don’t just motivate your sales teams with target quotas, incentivise them with the right blend of key sales metrics that reflect the strategic priorities of the company.

Train your employees to use data so that they can prioritise the right things in management, marketing and everyday work.

Reduce waste by understanding your business and your industry better than you imagined possible.

If you’re not using data to drive decision-making in your organisation, you’re at risk of becoming obsolete. Can you afford that?

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Essentials of data science for marketers

For marketers, the last decade was all about building websites, cracking SEO, deciphering JavaScript and keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms behind a plethora of social media platforms.

While some leaned into this change, others were dragged in kicking and screaming. Regardless of which side you were on, our lives are becoming increasingly digital and marketing has evolved to keep pace even if you haven’t.

The last ten years gave us SEOs, inbound marketers, CRO experts, growth hackers and Instagram influencers.

Marketing was transformed over the last ten years and at the start of a new decade, we’re going through another transformation. As the last decade was ruled by platforms, so the next decade will be ruled by data.

This isn’t a revelation because the use and abuse of data have been at the forefront of the global conversation in recent years.

The distinction between a technical and a traditional marketer first blurred and then vanished. Now, the same transformation is happening between marketers who think data-analytically and those who don’t.

Are you on the side that’s going extinct?

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Google Search: Mobile-first Indexing

(Last updated June 2019) I love websites that load almost instantly, don’t you? I’m so thankful to web developers who build websites that are intuitively easy to navigate on mobile devices, and above all, I’m grateful to Google for giving us that nudge we needed to get cracking. This article is all about mobile-first indexing and bringing you up to speed with making the most out of living in a mobile-first world.

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