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Admit it. You’re not that into data entry

Salesforce knows that your go-getting sales pros care very little about data entry.

They’re painfully aware that you’re struggling to get people to use the very expensive CRM tool you just purchased.

The good news is: they’ve heard you and are offering a carrot (well, really an app, but you get it).

Their new app, called Anywhere, delivers clutter-free and real-time updates about your prospects and pipeline.

It’s connected to your Salesforce CRM so you can share information and chat with your colleagues through the same app.

What about Teams and Slack?

Salesforce isn’t expecting you to ditch them just yet. They’re hoping you’ll give data entry into your CRM system another chance by making the benefits of that drudgery more evident to you.

The holy grail of enterprise solutions is the product eco-system.

And Salesforce wants to hook you into theirs.

They aren’t stopping at building and acquiring impressive tools they’re also pitching in to help managers get sales and marketing teams to get started with those tools.