Dear brands, don’t judge me for not buying green. It’s inconvenient.

In the UK, as many as 82% of customers say that more people should use reusable coffee cups, and 57% want coffee shops to charge a fee for using disposable cups.

As a result, some coffee chains in the UK now offer rewards to customers for bringing reusable cups.

But do more people bring disposable cups to cafés that offer rewards?


There’s always a gap between our beliefs and our actions. Psychologists call it cognitive dissonance.

And this tension drives our opinions and behaviours.

Researchers suggest that brands nudge us every time we get stuck.

And instead of tough love, remove the five barriers keeping us from putting our money where our mouth is:

  1. The economic barrier.
  2. The knowledge barrier.
  3. The convenience barrier.
  4. The performance barrier.
  5. The trust barrier.