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A leader's guide to making better strategic decisions

You endanger the entire future by making bad decisions.

The big decisions are infrequent but have a profound effect on the future. Big bad decisions end careers and kill companies. Making them is like jumping off a cliff.

The little decisions happen daily, about every minute or so, and they’re called habits. Making small, but bad, decisions day after day will nibble away at the quality of work and erode output of any organisation. Making these is like slowly suffocating.

I’m here to help you make better decisions. Come with me as I explore the three core components of decision-making: the people, the process and the principles.

Learn to recognise cognitive biases that cloud your judgement, get the tools for making good decisions as a team and learn how to evaluate proposals given to you.

After reading this, you’ll understand how to take the principles of good decision-making out of the boardroom and into the whole organisation.

You’re only one decision away from a completely different outcome. Have you given up on taking your work to the next level?

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