While many people find the news through Google, the publishers aren’t fond of not getting paid by Google for showing their content in organic search.

This lead to several skirmishes in the past.

Earlier this year, TC reported that France is the latest EU state to order Google to start paying publishers for displaying their content in organic search.

Previous attempts by Germany and Spain failed to get Google to budge.

Because Google held on to its position that it doesn’t make any money from organic search. 

But given that many publishers struggle to generate revenue, and the current environment around newsmedia, Google has had a change of heart.

Google will start paying news publishers for high-quality content. Google’s Bran Bender wrote that a vibrant news industry matters because people are searching for reliable information during the global pandemic and growing concerns about racial injustice, “But these events are happening at a time when the news industry is also being challenged financially. We care deeply about providing access to information and supporting the publishers who report on these important topics.”

Building on its commitmentto support publishers and journalism, Google also introduced two new analytics tools designed for newsrooms. 

Time will tell if this is going to work out.

Feature image by Adam Jang on Unsplash