Google wants Facebook advertisers to sit up and pay more attention2 min read

Last year Google introduced two new ad-formats, Gallery Ads and Discovery Ads.

The first didn’t make it past the beta but the latter was launched globally this April.

What are Discovery Ads?

Discovery Ads are a new automated, multi-channel ad-format available across YouTube, Gmail and for the first time ever in the Discover Feed on Android devices.

Automated Campaigns? Introduced in 2018, allow you to set your budget and ad-copies, then let Google take care of ad serving and optimisation.

Google wants a share of your social media budgets

For a long time, Google has wanted to grow past the search intent and offer more advertising across more touchpoints throughout the purchase funnel.

Google would like you to know that with Discovery Ads you can reach 2,9 billion people across YouTube, Android devices and Gmail.

Or roughly the same amount of users across all Facebook apps combined.

According to Google, 86% of people expect to discover new brands as they watch videos and browse the web – and Google wants you to know that they’re on it.

“With Discovery Ads, you can rely on Google’s understanding of consumers’ intent across our properties to engage these audiences as they scroll through their favourite Google feeds—no search query needed,” writes Jerry Dischler, VP of Ads Platforms & Google Properties.

Setting the bar high for quality

The biggest attraction in this new ad-format is the Discover Feed on Android devices.

While Discovery Ads are targeted based on Google Audiences (but advertisers can also use Custom Intent Audiences), Google only wants to show ads that are the most relevant and include high-quality images, one ad at a time, in the Discover Feed on Android devices.

Are Discover Ads expensive?

Google recommends setting a budget at least 10x your target CPA bid.

Basically, if the maximum you’re willing to pay for acquiring a customer is 10 €, the set up a daily budget of 100 € and get at least 40 conversions before making any changes to the campaign.

Are Discovery Ads a good alternative to advertising on social media?

While paid search is focused on capturing people in the knowgodo and buy moments, where the intent is expressed by the user through keywords, Discovery is about spontaneity. 

Besides YouTube and Gmail, the biggest charm of this new ad-format is really the Discover Feed on Android devices. People often habitually browse this feed the same way they browse Instagram or Facebook.

In markets where Android is the dominant device, we might see more advertisers testing Discovery Ads.