Google’s 3D ad-format now available globally1 min read

Just yesterday Google announced that Swirl – its 3D ad-format will be available to all Display & Video 360 users globally.

What is Swirl? 

In the latest announcement, they describe it as, “Swirl lets consumers engage with a product like it’s right in front of them by allowing them to rotate, zoom and expand the creative in the ad. Swirl ads allow brands to illustrate changes in behaviour, new technology performance, unique product features and more.”

Since its introduction last year, Swirl has been tested by several brands already. In Google’s own words, “Brands are seeing great success using Swirl ads for various campaign goals. This includes increasing consideration by showcasing product features, building brand awareness and delivering a great mobile experience.” 

In the press release (link above), Google shared examples of this new format in action. My favourites were Nissan and Adidas – mind you there were only 4 examples in total.

To tell you the truth, I’m really excited about this. I’m sure we’ll see more brilliant examples now that more of us have access to it.