Should you have informational content on your e-commerce site for better SEO?2 min read

In my experience, e-commerce marketers are never too thrilled about investing in creating guides, how-tos and instructional pages (aka information content).

I don’t blame them. When your budgets are tied to revenue, you’re not going to invest in creating pages that generate a fraction of your revenue.

Yet, here I am talking about informational content. Again.

But SEO is too technical and stuff.

It’s also important and stuff.

A large majority of the SEO projects I’ve worked on involve technical optimisation as well as on-page optimisation for product/category pages.

On-page SEO often goes hand-in-hand with outreach i.e. getting links from other sites to the product and category pages.

This case study might help change your mind, or at the very least, give you pause to think about your content differently.

In the case study (an e-commerce store) every page with informational content was redirected to the home page.

As a result, the site lost ranking for a number of keywords, not just for the missing pages, but across the whole domain.

The lesson?

They learnt that the informational content on the site had a number of high-value backlinks.

Removing those pages meant that the informational content was no longer passing internal links to different product pages. Losing those links reduced keyword ranking across the entire site.

How can you be smarter?

Listen to your content marketers and copywriters.

It may seem unnecessary, but creating informational content is essential for every e-commerce site if they want visibility in SERP.

If you’re ahead of the curve and already have a healthy amount of guides available on your site, you get a gold star! ⭐️ Keep it up!

To stay ahead, do this:

  1. Revisit those pages to see that they’re properly optimised for long-tail queries.
  2. Make sure that they are accessible by crawlers.
  3. Make sure that you build internal links from informational pages to relevant product pages.

And where and when possible, get backlinks from other domains to your informational content.

The stronger you make the network your online presence exists in, the more visible you will be to all those people just itching to give you their money.