Is it time for you to follow Netflix’s example?2 min read

Do you remember watching the mind-twisting, choose-your-own-adventure style Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix?

As if Black Mirror wasn’t twisted enough already now you can watch the horror, sci-fi and 80’s nostalgia captured in a captivating movie with 5 possible endings.

Bandersnatch was Netflix’s first major success with interactive content. Which beyond tying them up in a lawsuit is also seen as their secret marketing weapon for years to come. 

Netflix has long been a data company and with interactive content, Netflix can now get a deeper understanding of our product preferences, tastes, beliefs and attitudes.

Does this mean you need to pitch a new series to Netflix?

Look, interactive content – being any content that you can interact with –  has been around for some time. Already in 2016, 53% of marketers were using it. And chances are that you’ve come across it in its many, many forms.

But guy it’s 2020 and many content marketers still haven’t gone beyond vanilla metrics, maybe it’s time to give interactive content a shot.

What type of data are we talking about?

With interactive content, we can start collecting psychographic data or data that uncovers people’s tastes and opinions. While this isn’t a replacement for customer research, it’s a smart way to start gathering aggregate data to complement larger research or study.

Using quizzes, graders, product hunts, puzzles and memory games you’re not only engaging people but also learning more about their preferences. And before you worry about data science, these days there are tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

What’s in it for my customers?

According to Gartner, enterprise buyers spend up to 27% of their time researching independently online and 77% of enterprise buyers find making enterprise purchases difficult. But they agree that the quality of information not only increases their likelihood to buy but also makes them more likely to buy a bigger deal with less regret.

Interactive content can be fun and entertaining and it can also be used to help experts make more informed decisions.

What are you going to do next?

Is there room for you to improve how you engage your customers? If the answer is yes then you’re a Google search away from hundreds of tools for everything from making interactive infographics to gamified landing pages that generate conversions. I’ve worked with both LeadFamily and Cheetah Digital and can vouch for their tools.