Research from the US suggests that the effects of the pandemic may outlast the lifting of restrictions if people who got fired can’t find new jobs.

Even as Europe is slowly trying to return to normal, economists estimate that the economy won’t fully recover until Q3 2021.

A GWI survey showed that people, especially in countries like Italy and Spain, want brands to return to normality.

But ‘normal’ doesn’t mean what it used to and there aren’t any comparisons available. Not even with 2008.

Media planning is based on audience behaviour.

While we know that several habits learnt during the pandemic are likely to stick around, there’s no forecasting tool to tell us how people will behave in the months to come.

The fear of a second wave of COVID is a real threat. Especially since the virus is still ravaging the US and Brazil.

You probably don’t have money to waste, so here’s my advice.

Doesn’t matter if you’re an agency or in-house marketing team. Survey says (GWI & Twitter), that people are inclined towards promotions and discounts right now.

The smart thing to do is to answer these:

  • How has the pandemic influenced your audience?
  • In what ways to their lives look different today?
  • How have their purchase drivers and priorities changed?

Instead of planning months-long campaigns, go agile.

Plan short campaigns, focus on your audience, keep testing and improving. 

Now’s the time to bring your empathy and put it at the forefront of every communication you send out.

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