Millennials now wield more decision making power at work. What does that mean for marketing?2 min read

Since the global lockdown started we’ve all been spending a lot more time staring at our screens.

And that’s true for both our personal and professional selves.

Since the start of the pandemic, B2B buyers are consuming more online content than before.

And there are differences in the type of content consumed as well.

For instance, interest in reading:

  • Executive summaries increased by 265%,
  • Landing Pages increased by 139% and
  • Webinars increased by 108%.

For the digital natives, this is more ‘duh’ than a revelation but bare with me.

(I know I have a stack of downloads that I opted in for and then promptly forgot about.)

The interesting thing is that, for the first time, online content and digital interactions are not only replacing in-person meetings, but people seem to have developed a preference for them!

Research by McKinsey shows that buyers have enjoyed the efficiency and convenience of self-serve and remote interactions so much that only about 20% hope to return to in-person interactions.

As an introvert, I’m pleased by this statistic. As a digital marketer, I’m ecstatic!

This shift is already reflected in how marketers across Europe are planning their budgets for 2021.

There’s an increased focus on investing in innovation and the use of new technologies for engaging customers.

This isn’t a ‘new normal’ type of shift either.

Because I know you’re sick of hearing everything slightly out of the ordinary getting put under the ‘New Normal’ blanket.

But believe me when I tell you that this one is different. And I’ll tell you why.

Millennials have officially grown up (yay us!).

And they’re moving up the ranks and taking leadership roles in the workplace.

All generation shifts bring their own challenges. 

Millennials are the first cohort of digital natives that don’t have any professional experience predating Google, Facebook, Amazon and thousands of other cloud-based apps for, well… literally everything.

GWI and LinkedIn explored this generational shift and discovered that millennials, whom they’ve dubbed BETA, are already key influencers in their organisations as well as approach B2B purchasing very differently.

You can download the research from here.