This Merkle marketing exec has a point.

Besides becoming the world’s go-to place for buying things conveniently at low prices, Amazon is wooing brands who aren’t selling on Amazon to advertise with them.

Particularly, they’re trying to get you on Amazon DSP.

Which is built with the philosophy baked into anything they do: one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the Amazon network bind them.

Amazon DSP allows you to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads. On and off Amazon.

What’s the carrot?

That sweet, sweet Amazon first-party data.

Even if you’re not selling on Amazon, you can use their data from millions of purchases to develop more targeted campaigns.

They know it all: from travel pillows to car wax, from sports merch to movies, gadgets, diapers and books.

Ad-spend on Amazon DSP is on the rise.

And according to this report awareness and consideration campaigns received more budget last year than tactical campaigns.

And while you’re at it, Amazon Posts is currently available for free, too. At least while it’s still in beta.