Marketing budgets were already shrinking when the pandemic hit. In March, Gartner reported that 65% of CMOs were expecting to make moderate to significant budget cuts in 2020.

According to Statista almost 75% of companies in Sweden and 70% in Finland have already cut their marketing budgets, and in the UK WARC reported the steepest decline in marketing budgets in a single quarter since 2009.

You’ve most likely experienced this first hand.

Marketers everywhere have got a whole lot more to do with fewer people and resources.

Given the budget restrictions and changes in consumer behaviour, many businesses are turning to automation.

Now is the time for you to evaluate whether you have the right tools for recovery.

Emarketer’s advice is to focus on these use cases when building your post-COVID martech shopping list:

  • Use case #1: Analytics solutions that flag up new opportunities in real-time.
  • Use case #2: Improve customer retention with behavioural personalisation.
  • Use case #3: Increase customer lifetime value with marketing automation.

This is really the most practical and no-flash list of automation use cases.

Starting with this list you can make marketing’s impact on your business’s bottom line clearly visible.

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