Rebellion in the App Store1 min read

Apple has decided to stir up more trouble.

As if two on-going anti-trust proceedings (in the US & EU) weren’t enough.

The tech giant, worth $1,3 trillion, is demanding that app developers selling monthly subscriptions pay a percentage of their revenue to Apple.

That may not be a serious problem for the big players, but for smaller app developers, already spending almost 50% of their budgets on marketing, that’s squeezing their already tight revenue.

In a recent skirmish, Apple blocked Basecamp.

Apple stopped them from pushing updates of their e-mail app ‘Hey!’ through the App Store unless they coughed up 15-30% of their revenue.

Basecamp isn’t alone in crying bloody murder here. Spotify already made an anti-trust filing against Apple last year that led to probing from the European Commission.

Apple is adamant that it’s only trying to create a level playing field and saying app developers should’ve known about these policies all along.

App developers are, however, calling bullshit.

Obviously, this sounds like the kind of courtroom drama tech giants start when they get bored.

For us consumers, though, the outcome in Apple’s favour will mean more expensive in-app purchases.