Self-care isn’t a luxury anymore1 min read

This dumpster fire of a year has had one up-side: a growing interest in self-care and wellness.

We don’t see wellness as a luxury anymore.

The global pandemic has changed how we work, socialise and unwind.

Not to mention that it’s taken a toll on our mental health.

Facebook says mindful wellness is a major indicator that people are making time for self-care.

Over the course of the year, this trend has graduated from treating yourself to small indulgences, to planning for the future.

Pinterest is calling 2021 the year of rebirth.

In their ‘Not-yet-trending’ report for 2021, Pinterest is predicting that when people can’t venture outwards, they turn inwards.

They say that next year we’re looking forward to turning our homes into sanctuaries for work, play and relaxation.

Pinners are seeking inspiration on a whole host of activities.

From mindful wellness activities for kids, prepping gourmet meals at home and advice on being financially independent to creating a better aesthetic at home with LED lights.

And brands are already responding.

Like Colgate, who partnered with the meditation app Headspace, to reward people for using Colgate Hum, a smart brushing app.

Colgate gave their customers ‘smile points’ in exchange for brushing their teeth and completing other in-app tasks.

When you earned 200 points, you got a free 60-day trial to Headspace with the Hum app.

And the possibility to continue using Headspace through Hum after the trial period.

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