The Telegraph introduces cookie-free adtech1 min read

Loss of advertising revenue is a crushing blow to publishers.

Since Google’s decision to kill the third-party cookie, many publishers are ramping up their subscription models while testing new ways to keep advertisers interested.

The Telegraph is showcasing one such solution.

Digiday wrote, “The effort, called Telegraph Unity, has the publisher and advertiser separately uploading their first-party data to what tech provider Infosum calls a ‘bunker’ so no other party can access it. Infosum’s tech then adds a tiny statistical error to the anonymized data sets, making it impossible to reverse engineer back to the originals. It then overlays a statistical model to find matches.”

I gotta say. This is an inspired solution but not without its challenges.

The biggest being the advertisers’ lack of first-party data. After GDPR most advertisers simply don’t have enough of it.

But there’s a larger opportunity here as well.

A solution like this could be a stepping stone for publishers to start offering a competitive, albeit niche, alternative to Google and Facebook, especially when advertisers want really local or granular audiences.