TikTok is baring it all1 min read

TikTok is no stranger to underhanded policies.

From discriminating moderator guidelines that discourage content with people deemed ugly, poor or disabled to listening in on your conversations even when you’re not using the app.

But TikTok wants you to forget about it.

This year they hired an ex-Disney executive as their CEO. They also made him the COO of ByteDance, the China-based parent company that owns the app.

They’ve also opened a Transparency Centre in California which is open to the general public.

TikTok is inviting experts and users to visit them in person, share their concerns and see its policies and processes in practice.

ByteDance wants to show people and governments in the EU and the US that it’s distancing itself from China.

Disclosing how its algorithm works or getting incorporated in the Cayman Islands isn’t likely to curb the suspicions around China’s influence over the app anytime soon.

Conspiracy theories around Chinese companies aren’t novel but there’s more to this story.

We’ve gotten used to having our tech made in California and only ‘harmless’ American companies hoarding our data.

But times are changing.

As more Chinese apps and technologies grab global audiences, it may be the time for the developers, users and policymakers to adjust attitudes and policies for a world less centred around America.