Video e-commerce expands outside China1 min read

Live video and e-commerce were born to be together.

There’s an online sales revolution in the works. It’s already huge in China.

Shopping channel QVC is going digital with a stoppable app built around video e-comm.

Amazon Live launched quietly in 2019. Their live streams are similar to the shopping channels where celebrities and influencers sell products from Amazon vendors.

Facebook and YouTube are also launching in this area. Their biggest shortcoming is the lack of integration with their native e-comm solutions.

While Facebook and YouTube drag their feet, brands are getting their feet wet with things like Livescale and Bambuser that offer live-streaming that can be integrated into the brand’s own e-comm site.

There’s been more cynicism lately towards influencer marketing, but maybe video e-commerce will create a new generation of influencers. Such as China’s Live Stream Queen who can supposedly sell anything.

Video e-comm isn’t a fad.

And it needs to be a part of any e-comm brands digital strategy.

Even if going full-scale QVS isn’t your cup of tea, now’s the time to start taking baby steps into video e-commerce.

If you get in now, you’ll get a leg up by getting in before it turns mainstream and gets saturated.