When all else fails. A Heineken success story.1 min read

You watch a great ad on TV, have a good laugh (If it’s a funny one) and talk to your mates about it. Fast forward one week and without any good explanation, you find the product from the ad in your grocery bag.

Bam! That’s how good ads are supposed to work.

But with fewer people watching TV these days, your great ad isn’t going to be of much use.

That was Heineken’s dilemma in the UK.

The story of their inspired solution, published in The Drum is one for the books. Here are the highlights.

Instead of delivering more advertising, Heineken doubled down on using real-time retail data with targeted advertising to understand the drivers of footfall and sales.

The Drum wrote “Heineken worked with Brulines to get pump access in pubs across the country, installing smart devices to monitor how many pints were being pulled. For the first time, Heineken had visibility of its real time performance, enabling them to take the principles of ecommerce and apply it to selling beer in bricks and mortar pubs.”

And the results?

“Over the course of the first 6-week test period, sales of Heineken brands in featured outlets increased by 3.6%, using a £225k investment to deliver £670k of additional value.”

Heineken’s approach put the consumer at the centre of brand communication. It’s really the opposite of how TV ads normally work. 

You may not be in the business of selling pints but as brick-and-mortar stores open, cases studies like this one are a great example of how retailers need to embrace data and real-time marketing.