What is The Business of Marketing?

Welcome to the newsletter made for marketing leaders who obsess over building better products, better services and better businesses.

People who need more than quick hacks and ready-made solutions.

I’m Aliyar and I’m a Digital Strategist.

I started this newsletter to go beyond the news and to understand the cause and effect relationship between developments in technology, consumer trends and the constant evolution of business models.

I bring the best of my experience working with brands and by reading for over 4 hours every day from 50+ resources on marketing, business, technology and more.

I focus on identifying developments that have a far-reaching impact on marketing strategies and how we buy products and services.

I look for patterns and connect the dots between big and small developments across strategy, brands, business, finance, martech, public policy and digital marketing.

I condense it into a short and sweet weekly email for you.

Who is this newsletter for?

This newsletter is for the doers who are busy building brilliant business and want to have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in technology, consumer trends, and the world at large.

I curate, research and refine the most exciting and relevant developments in marketing & technology so that you can use that knowledge to come up with brilliant, timely solutions that work for you.

This newsletter isn’t for you if you’re looking for quick-fix solutions and copy-paste strategies.

If you want to set the pace then you’ve come to the right place.

I will share the ideas, knowledge, research and case studies that will expand your perspective and inspire bold action.

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