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Why people remember me

Michael Ovitz

Head of Digital

"Aliyar is probably the best expert in the world regarding marketing performance and own channel development. He’s an inspiring speaker and has brilliant ideas on how to transform marketing to the next level. It’s easy to recommend Aliyar to any kind of marketing or business development projects or cases."

Laura Hartikainen

Product Owner/ Head of Digital Sales & Optimization

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Aliyar not only in one corporation, but in two! Lucky me, as he is one of the brightest and nicest to be around. I think it’s fair to say that Aliyar is one of the top 10 people in his expertise globally.

Aliyar has a unique skill to be able to explain even the most complicated performance marketing details or digital strategy to anyone in a way that the listener feels comfortable & understands. I’ve always truly enjoyed talking and sparring with him, after even a short discussion, I’ve been able to see things a bit differently. Aliyar is a man with sharp brains and a golden heart.

Daniel Ovitz

Digital Marketing Lead

"Aliyar is one of the superstars of marketing industry. He understands business and understands people. Aliyar is one of those people you bring with you when you want to win. He is trustworthy and with him, you feel like anything is possible. I've learned more than I can imagine while working with you and wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for you.

Thanks for being the best colleague and a friend I've had pleasure of working with. Keep on rocking!"